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WMI & SNMP Monitoring

Lightweight, agentless monitoring for diverse network components

WMI and SNMP Monitoring enables you to monitor a wide range of network devices and servers.

Agentless monitoring is a great option to reduce the overall network footprint and include all the necessary monitoring components in one single monitoring solution. Minder enables monitoring of various Windows operating systems without having to install a separate 'agent' or software on the client. This is possible via WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) and SNMP. Various elements can be configured to be monitored with the help of WMI and SNMP monitoring such as file system usage, state of various services, processes that are running and other such operating system metrics.

Key Features

  • Agentless monitoring is light on the network.
  • Server and operating system failures can be detected sooner.
  • Reduces time to troubleshoot.
  • Detects application and server failures quickly.
  • Empowers administrators to select a wide variety of network components for monitoring.

Minder provides you with the ability to efficiently monitor your network devices and servers with WMI and SNMP monitoring.

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