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Database Monitoring

Database performance monitoring helps you find out what's draining your database resources

Databases play a critical role in keeping your business apps up and running . It is hence necessary to monitor these databases so that your apps run efficiently. Most IT infrastructures have a myriad of apps that run on various databases. Such heterogeneous databases require a consistent performance monitoring parameters.

Minder helps optimize the performance of your databases by providing powerful insights into various database performance parameters such as response times for queries, user connections and activity etc.

Key Features

  • Continuous monitoring helps you understand response times, take action and maximize throughput.
  • It helps you monitor performance counters for a diverse database environments.
  • Supports DB2, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL server and Oracle.
  • Ability to collect data from multiple database instances and provide a single view of all the parameters being monitored.
  • Provides detailed reports for number of user sessions and notifies you about the sessions that are draining your database resources via notifications.

Minder provides you with comprehensive database performance monitoring and aggregates all the information in a single console to ease your administrative overhead.

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