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Cloud Monitoring

Manage Performance in Public and Hybrid Cloud using MindArray Minder

Cloud performance management differs from traditional IT monitoring practice. Instead of monitoring and tracking individual components, the focus should be on a unified view of network, server stress, application performance across physical and virtual infrastructures to deliver better business service to the end user. Individual component focused tools will not work for hybrid cloud environment as they are not well equipped to provide unified and more holistic view of cloud and virtual environments.

MindArray uniquely integrates data collected from various components of public and hybrid cloud environment to deliver more visibility across application and server performance.

Dynamically add and remove capacity based on your actual demand with MindArray’s cloud auto-scaling actions.

Minder monitors the capacity of every component in the cloud and allows you to identify if they are not delivering the expected service. IT operators need to be assured whether resources will be in place to handle an increasing number of requests as the number of users or interactions increase. With agent-less monitoring you can create dynamic action to increase/decrease the number of cloud instance to maximize IT efficiency on the cloud platform such as Windows Azure and Cloud Foundry.

Supported Public Cloud Platform

Amazon Web Services, Google App Engine, Cloud Foundry

Key Features of MindArray’s Cloud Performance Monitoring

  • Get service efficiency and cost savings using dynamic Capacity Planning
  • Diagnose performance issues in web, application, and database tiers.
  • Monitor Cloud instances as Cluster to better oversee the service health
  • Monitor services from multiple locations with agent-base end user monitoring
  • Provides a holist

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