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Bandwith Monitoring

Stop it - before it chokes your network!

Bandwidth Monitoring helps you identify potential bottlenecks before it's too late!

Bandwidth monitoring can give you powerful insights into the network usage patterns, traffic trends and such critical network performance factors. Bandwidth usage statistics are vital to analyze network performance.

Minder provides you with all the information you require to monitor bandwidth including top talkers, top protocols, conversations and more. You can set thresholds and configure alerts whenever these are exceeded. You can then get instant visibility into how much of the bandwidth is used by hosts, applications or specific devices or interfaces on your network.

Key Features

  • Helps you identify the root cause of your network slowdown.
  • Provides you with granular view of the tops sources and destinations as well as top conversations that use up your bandwidth.
  • Identify peak traffic hours.
  • Take appropriate action before it leads to network congestion.

Minder is an efficient way to continuously evaluate your network bandwidth requirements and make necessary amendments.

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